Information for parents

As parents, you are the most important companions for your child on the path to professional life ‒ you may know your child’s strengths and professional interests best.

Support your daughter or son on their way from school to vocational training or university.

We are here for you as parents!

The youth employment agency “Haus der Jugend” in Chemnitz is also there for you, and will inform you about the various advisory services on offer. Whether you have problems or questions about school-leaving qualifications, training opportunities or choosing a course of study, we can advise you and your child in all these areas.

You are very welcome to come and see us, and we look forward to your visit. Here you will find all the important services under one roof! All you need to do is register.

Advice, referrals, and support

Adolescents and young adults receive advice, referrals, and support regarding

To find out how you can help your child during this time and where you can find tips on choosing a career, please see the links at the bottom of this page.

We regularly offer events for parents.

Child benefit and studies

From now on, you can apply for child benefit for your child online ‒ without any bureaucratic hassle and time-consuming filling out of forms. You can find more information on child benefit online:

On the way to your dream job ‒ 10 tips for parents:

Teach your child about your own professional activity and motivate your child to choose a career.

Does your child’s career aspiration seem unrealistic to you? You should still discuss the reasons for this career choice with your child.

Learn to let go and value adolescents differently than before.

Give your child feedback on his or her abilities. You are an expert here.

Make sure that your child creates a career choice folder in which he/she collects all documents. Ask your child’s teacher whether a career choice folder is kept at school, and if so, which one(s).

Accompany your child to advisory appointments, e.g. career guidance.

Encourage your child to do voluntary work experience, e.g. during the holidays. Have the school issue a certificate in advance to ensure your child’s insurance coverage during the internship.

An application for an apprenticeship in the public sector or with large companies should be submitted up to one year before the start of the apprenticeship. Application deadlines must also be observed for school-based vocational training and secondary schools. Find out about this in good time from the careers advisory service or directly from the companies.

Accompany your child to these events. Make sure your child makes a note of registration dates.

Walk with your child through times of failure too. Find out what led to the rejection and reflect with your child on what he or she can do differently. Career guidance can also be an important form of support. Don’t let it get you down, and tackle the next application with your child with confidence.

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